A Secure Way to Sell Gold

Broken Gold has made selling gold items so much easier! Now, you can do it online! The website ensures users quick and easy transaction. You can turn jewelry and precious metals into fast cash with Broken Gold’s hassle-free process.

Broken Gold offers a secure and reliable way for customers to convert their jewelries into cash. With this company, clients are sure that their jewelries are assessed properly and their clients are getting the right amount for their items.

To prove that Broken Gold is trustworthy, it is a licensed TRUSTe Privacy Program member. TRUSTe is a non-profit organization that builds on user’s trust in the Internet by practicing fair information sharing to clients.

What TRUSTe does for www.brokengold.com is that it assures users that Broken Gold is committed to respecting their clients’ privacy. Client information like name, telephone number, address and e-mail address, are kept secure in private files in the very secure Web server. The information is only made available for rendering services to the clients themselves.

The only time that information about clients is disclosed is when the law requires the information to be divulged. Another situation would be if other users of the website, the site itself or the public need to be protected.

Clients are also guaranteed that client personal information will never be sold, rented out, traded or shared with others. The only ones who may selectively have access to the data are the other third-party service providers who will deliver the service to the client. Services rendered will come in the form of payment processing, ordering and E-mail administration. There is no need to worry because these third parties are prohibited to divulge the information in any other situation.

In addition, TRUSTe makes sure that Broken Gold will only get in touch with the clients when necessary to provide quality service. You will not be subject to any of Broken Gold’s promotions and advertising E-mails. When time comes and you want your information removed from the company’s files or you no longer need their services, it is easy to request for the removal of your personal information from the database. This is done by sending an E-mail to support@brokengold.com.

If any customer gives a feedback on Broken Gold’s services, the feedback will only be posted if he or she consented. Even then, just the first name followed by the last initial will appear on the site.

Broken Gold’s connection to TRUSTe makes certain that the site is to be trusted by clients. They can certainly do secure and reliable transactions with this company.

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The experienced BrokenGold™ evaluation team will safely, accurately and efficiently assesses your precious metals and pay you accordingly. Each individual on the evaluation team is carefully selected and rigorously trained in the assessment process. With over 20 years experience evaluating jewelry, you are ensured to have an easy, secure and pleasant transaction.

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A Secure Way to Sell Gold
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