Broken Gold Gives to the American Red Cross

The website is a solution for people on the rush who want to get cash for gold right from the comforts of their homes. The site lends support to a company that buys and sells gold online in a reliable and secure method for many years now. It is a trusted site that ensures customers that their treasured gold items and jewelries are received, assessed and paid for on time.

Because of the hassle-free and trustworthy process offered by Broken Gold in buying and selling of gold and other precious metals, the company has risen above other companies that, more or less, offer the same services. Its innovative and cutting-edge approach has led to its success in the industry. Moreover, clients have faithfully flocked to obtain its convenient and fast service.

Broken Gold’s success made top management believe that they had to somehow give back to the community who loyally subscribed to their services for the past years. It was their turn to return the blessings they have been blessing. And what better way to do this than to partner with the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross has been the country’s primary emergency response organization since 1881. Originally, the organization provides impartial humanitarian care to victims of natural disasters and victims of war, aiming to prevent and relieve human suffering. Lately, Red Cross has also been providing help to the needy, support to the members and families of the military, health and safety education, international development programs, and the collection and giving out of blood and other blood products.

Supported by over half a million volunteers and approximately 35,000 employees, learn how to prepare and take action in cases of emergencies. On the average, 91 cents out of every dollar the Red Cross spends is on humanitarian programs and services. Being a non-profit, non-governmental agency, operations rely solely on donations of time, blood and money.

Here is where Broken Gold comes in. The successful online company, as part of their corporation social responsibility, has chosen to give monetary assistance to the American Green Cross. It has donated large amounts to the worthwhile cause of Red Cross in the past years to augment its expenses on the assistance of its recipients. Part of the income of Broken Gold has gone to some of the activities of Red Cross in providing the services to needy people in the world. Although it is only one of the many donors in the donor list of the American Red Cross, Broken Gold has shown much concern on the welfare of disadvantaged people worldwide through this effort.

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