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Selling gold online can put you in a stressful situation of whether to trust this online dealer or look elsewhere. This is such a normal situation at present where there are a lot of websites claiming to offer you immediate cash for your gold but appears to be a scam. But you will not encounter any of these problems, if you will choose

Broken Gold has been operating for over 20 years and it has been regarded as the leading buyer of broken or scrap gold, unwanted jewelries, fine jewelry, estate and gold coins online. One seemingly good advantage of Broken Gold is the speed of service and cash payment. The seller will just fill up a form and he will receive a kit that will entitle him to send and sell his gold and a check will already be released in 24 hours!

For the length of time, Broken Gold is servicing the consumers and it has become a member of several reputable organizations and one of which is IPMI or International Precious Metals Institute. IPMI is a well known organization focusing on precious metals all over the world. It’s an international association of scientists, producers, users, financial institutions, private and public sectors, merchants, fabricators and the community, in general. It was formed to seek and promote the environmental friendly and efficient use and reuse or recycling of precious metals. The association conducts courses and educational meetings.

IPMI serves as a primary source of information for government agencies and industries around the world. Since is already a member, it is now entitled to the many benefits it offers. Broken Gold receives timely economic, technical, educational and environmental information. It also gives the company networking opportunities that can aid in its success in the present global marketplace.

Aside from the general benefits above, Broken Gold also receives the newsletter Precious Metal News, an annual members’ directory, a comprehensive technical reference library and an annual IPMI Buyers’ Guide to Precious Metal Products and Services. Broken Gold is also linked to the IPMI website and it has an opportunity to be an active member in the regional chapters and attend regular meetings and events.

With its membership to such a reputable association as IPMI, Broken Gold can truly claim that it is a trusted and secured online gold dealer. Since the company takes full care of its customers, it undertakes all means to be able to give 100% efficient service. So sell your gold now and become richer in just 24 hours.

Secure Way to Sell Gold

The experienced BrokenGold™ evaluation team will safely, accurately and efficiently assesses your precious metals and pay you accordingly. Each individual on the evaluation team is carefully selected and rigorously trained in the assessment process. With over 20 years experience evaluating jewelry, you are ensured to have an easy, secure and pleasant transaction.

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A Secure Way to Sell Gold
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