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Gold has always been considered a source of wealth and a matter of esteem. That’s why from an early age, people from all parts of the world collect gold items that are well protected and exhibited at auspicious occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies etc. It is for this reason precisely that gold is considered both an investment as well as an adornment. So, when years later you find pieces of scrap old gold you are doing nothing with, isn’t it a good idea to sell it off to a buyer who can recycle them and help you gain terrific rewards yourself! That’s what we at Brokengold.com do for you….Read on!

Sell all your old gold jewelry only to the most reliable buyer, at Brokengold.com!

As buyers of scrap gold, we know that the charm of this glittering yellow metal can never fade away!!! Thus, whether you have pieces of old jewelry, scrap ornamentation, antique metal or anything else, we at Brokengold.com would to be their buyer. It should be clear to all by now that we are used jewelry buyers that give a lot of trust to veracity and treat all customers with equality and make sure that they receive good value for what they are proffering us with.

As used jewelry buyers, we refine gold completely and thus accept used or unwanted gold jewelry, damaged gold and other precious metals as well. Precious metals like gold are rare, valuable and should not be forgotten or simply lost in jewelry boxes. Take them out, bring it to us and see what difference scrap old gold jewelry can make for you!!

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If for any reason you are not satisfied with your transaction, simply return our check or call within ten (10) days of the date on the check and we will return your items at no cost to you. No questions asked. We guarantee!

Sell Your Jewelry today; recieve cash tomorrow!

Sell scrap gold, silver and have more cash for gold jewelry.

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